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The Cut command provides different functions depending on which window is foremost when the command is issued.  In some cases, the menu name will be changed to make the function more clear, e.g., Cut Object or Cut Text for a Plot window. Cut will delete the selected cells in the Parametric or Lookup tables.


Cut will remove the selected text from the Equations window and place it on the Clipboard from which it can be restored with the Paste command. Text may be selected by dragging.  


If a Plot window is foremost Cut will remove the selected text or graphic item and place it on the Clipboard.  This item can then be pasted onto any EES plot window using the Paste command. 


Cut will remove selected graphic and text items from the Diagram or child Diagram windows and place them on the Clipboard.  They can then be pasted into other Diagram windows in EES or into other applications as a picture.