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The Paste command function depends on which window is foremost when the command is issued.  


Paste moves the text stored in the Clipboard to the cursor position in the Equations window.  Text is placed in the Clipboard with the Cut or Copy commands in EES or in other applications.


When Paste is used in the Parametric or Lookup Table windows, the numerical values stored in the Clipboard will be copied to the table starting in the cell in which the cursor is currently located.  Data can be moved between the Parametric and Lookup Tables using the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.  The names and units of columns in the Lookup table can be pasted using the Paste Special command.  If the number of rows or columns of data stored in the Clipboard exceeds the number or rows or columns in the Lookup table, an alert will appear offering the option of increasing the number of rows or columns in the table.  A similar option is provided for rows in the Parametric table.


If the Plot window is foremost, and a text or graphic item previously copied to the Clipboard, the Paste menu item will display 'Paste text' or 'Paste object'.  Text and graphic items can be copied from one EES plot window and pasted into another or into another instance of EES.