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EES Android is an application designed to operate on tablets running under Android operating system version 4.0 or newer. It will also work on some Android phones. The Android version of EES provides a subset of the capabilities included in the versions of EES designed for Windows operating systems. The EES_Android version solves up to 250 simultaneous equations. It provides access to the thermodynamic and transport property functions for real fluids and ideal gases. In addition, it provides the ability to check the unit consistency of the entered equations. However, EES_Android does not provide access to tables, plotting capability or optimization. EES_Android reads and saves files having a .EES_ file name extension. The Windows version of EES also can read and save these files, which allows files to be exchanged between the Windows and Android versions. Download the EES Android manual for additional information.

This is how EES_Android appears when running on a 7 inch Android table oriented in portrait mode.

EES_Android is available from the Play Store for $10. (Note that EES_Android does not work on Samsung GT-P5210 tablets.)