EESws - A web server for EES Distributable programs

EESWS is an acronym for EES Web Server. This program is an extension to the EES – Engineering Equation Solver program to allow programs developed in EES to be run on the internet using any browser program (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari) on any device that supports the browser. EES does not need to be installed on this device.

It is necessary to have EES Professional version 9.472 or newer in order to use EESws. The Professional version allows Distributable EES programs to be created. Distributable programs are special purpose EES programs that have been provided with a graphic user interface implemented using the Diagram Window. These programs can be freely given to users who do not own EES and typically do not know the details of the analysis that is provided by the equations entered into the Equations Window. Users will normally enter input information, initiate the calculations and view the results entirely from the Diagram Window in the Distributable program. The best source of information on creating Distributable programs is Chapter 17 in Mastering EES.

EESws takes the concept of the Distributable program to its next logical step. It allows a Distributable EES program to be run over the internet using a browser program, which eliminates the need to physically deliver the program to the intended users. This is how the Throttle.EES program (provided as an example in the ..\Userlib\Examples folder) appears when running with EESws.

EESws is free for port 8001. A port is similar to a channel. Each port can run one EESws program. Click here to download the EESws program and installation instructions (both in file EESWS will allow one program to be run on the internet no limit on concurrent users.