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Copy with Headers or Copy as MathType (EDIT Menu)


This menu item will be titled as Copy with Headers or Copy as MathType, depending on the which window is foremost when the menu command is selected.


The menu title will be Copy with Headers when the Parametric, LookupArrays, or Integral table window is the foremost window.  In this case, both the Copy and Copy with Headers commands will be visible.  The Copy command will copy to the Clipboard the selected cells in the table as tab-delimited text.  This text can be directly pasted in a spreadsheet application.  The Copy with Headers command will copy the Header and Units of each column in addition to the selected data.  Use the Select All command to select all of the cells in the table before issuing the Copy or Copy with Headers command.


The menu title will be Copy as MathType when the Formatted Equations window is foremost and one or more equations have been selected in this window.  The selected equation(s) will be copied to the clipboard as MathType Equation objects in Windows OLE format provided that: a) MathType is installed and b) you are using a Professional version of EES.  The MathType formatted equations can be pasted into another application, such as Word or PowerPoint.  The equations can be edited in MathType by double-clicking on the equation in the application into which they have been pasted.  Note that the Copy menu command will copy the selected equation(s) in a picture format that is unique to EES.  Like the MathType equations, these pictures can be pasted into another application, but they cannot be edited and they generally do not look as good as the MathType equations.


The menu will be disabled in all other circumstances.