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The $ClearParametric directive is available in the Professional version.  It will clear data from the specified Parametric table with the option to specify the rows that are to be cleared.  An option is provided to clear just the calculated data cells or all cells.


The format of the $ClearParametric directive is


$ClearParametric  'ParametricTableName'   /A  /R1..10


'ParametricTableName' is a string constant or string variable that provides the name of the Parametric table as it appears on the tab of the Parametric Table window. 


The /A and  /R are optional parameters.  


/A    indicates that all data (including specified cells) will be cleared.  If this option is not set, only the calculated data cells are cleared.


/R specify a range of rows, e.g., 2..5 that will be cleared.   A string variable can be used to provide the range, e.g., /RR$ where R$ contains the range.  If the range is not specified, then all rows in the table will be cleared.  


The $ClearParametric directive is executed while the equations are being compiled, before the calculations are initiated.  


Note that EES automatically clears calculated data from the rows that are solved when the Solve Table, MinMax Table, or Uncertainty Table commands are issued.  It is not necessary to use this directive unless data are to be cleared from rows that are not within the calculated range.