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The $Syntax directive provides an alternative to using the Syntax Highlighting page of the Preferences dialog to set the case and style for function names and keywords.  It also provides a convenient method to set the syntax hightlighting preferences for each individual file.  The format of the $Syntax directive is


$Syntax  OFF/ON  Keywords(case, style)  FuncNames(case, style)



   case can be one of following:   (ASTYPED, LOWERCASE, UPPERCASE, 1STLETTERUC)


and style can be one of the following:    (PLAIN, ITALIC, BOLD, UNDERLINE, BOLDITALIC)




$Syntax Keywords(lowercase, bold) FuncNames(1stLetterUC, bolditalic)



$Syntax Off



$Syntax FuncNames(asTyped, bold)



Note that the time required to compile the equations is necessarily longer when Syntax Highlighting is on.  If compiling speed is an issue, turn Syntax Highlighting off.