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Variable Information Palette in the Equations Window



Starting in Version 10.210, the Equations Window provides a Variable Information Palette. The palette displays the variables in use in alphabetical order, along with their units.  


Clicking the left mouse button on the Update button at the top left of the palette updates the list by (quietly) executing the Check/Format command.  Any changes made in the Equations window will be included in the list aftert this update. Clicking the right mouse button on the Update button will bring up the Variable Information dialog.


If the Equations Window contains Functions, Procedures, Subprograms or Modules, clicking on the Menu button at the top right of the palette will display a popup menu will appear that allows a choice of the program unit.  The variables for that program unit will be displayed in the palette.  


Note that array variables are collapsed and only the parent name followed by [] is displayed in the palette.  Changing made for this parent name changes the units and alternate units for the entire array.


The width of the palette can be adjusted by dragging the Splitter Control to the desired position.  Dragging the splitter bar all the way to the right of the window frame disables the palette.  The width of the palette is saved in the EES file.  When EES is restarted, the width of the palette will be the value it was when EES was last used.