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ModifyPlot (Macro Command)


ModifyPlot Name='my Plot' Width=12 cm Height=15 cm  GridColor=Teal  Left=1.5 in  Top=1 in  Toolbar=Visible


This macro command can be used to change the size (Width, Height) and location of the upper left corner (Left, Top) of the plot rectangle for the specified plot window.  Width, Height, Left and Top must be followed with cm or in.  The plot window is identified by providing the name that appears in the plot tab with a string constant surrounded by single quotes or a predefined EES string variable.  Alternatively, an integer can be provided indicating the plot tab number, e.g., Name=1 will indicate the first plot window.  Name=0 implies that specified plot is the foremost plot, i.e., the one that is currently displayed.  Toolbar= must be followed with either Visible or Hidden.  The grid color must be a recognized color name.