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After EES successfully solves, it displays a window with calculated results.  By default, the Solution window is brought to the front after the Solve, Min/Max or  Uncertainty Propagation commands are completed provided that the calculations were not initiated with a Calculate button in the Diagram Window.  The Solve Table, Min/Max Table and Uncertainty Propagation Table commands display the Parametric table after the calculations are completed.  In some cases, it would be better to display a different window, e.g., the Arrays Window or the Diagram Window.  The $ShowWindow directive provides the capability to display a selected window after calculations are successfully completed.


The format of the $ShowWindow directive is:


$ShowWindow WindowName1  WindowName2


where WindowName1 can be any of the following:

















WindowName2 is optional.  It is used to bring a specific window to the front in the case where there may be multiple views associated with WindowName1. 


If WindowName1 is Solution, Plot, Parametric, or Lookup, then WindowName 2 can be the name of any of the tabs that appear in the window.  For example:


$ShowWindow Parametric 'Table 2'  


will display the table whose name on a tab in the Parametric table is 'Table 2'.   The quotes surrounding the WindowName2 are optional as EES recognizes that WindowName2 can only be a string.  Note that a string variable can be used in place of a string constant, e.g.,


W$='Table 2'

$ShowWindow Parametric W$


If the specified window tab name does not exist, the command will be ignored with no error message.


For plot windows, Windowname2 can be either the name of the plot window shown on the tab (as for the tables) or an integer.  For example,


$ShowWindow Plot 2


will display the plot whose tab is second from the left.


For the Solution Window


$ShowWindow Solution Key Variables


will display the Key Variables solution window, if it exists.  It is only necessary to enter the word 'Key'.


A specific child Diagram window can be selected as the foremost window by setting WindowName2 to the name of the child diagram window.  For example,


$ShowWindow Diagram myChild


will bring the child diagram window whose name is myChild2 to the front.  The name of the child window can be provided in a string variable.