Academic Site Licenses

Academic versions are available only to educational institutions involved in formal classroom instruction. Educational institutions can purchase an Academic Commercial site license directly from F-Chart Software for one-time fee of $1,500. A 32-bit Academic Professional version for a single department is available for a one-time fee of $3,750. The Professional version solves larger problems, provides capability to make stand-alone programs, offers genetic optimization, animation capabilities, and other capabilities. The 32-bit Academic Professional license can be upgraded to a 64-bit Academic Professional license by purchase of the 64-bit license file. See the 64-bit license page for details.

Academic licenses expires on September 1 each year. Before the September 1 expiration date, educational institutions are provided with an account and password so that they can download a new version at no cost.

Thesis research that leads to a advanced degree is considered an academic activity and it is allowed under the license agreement. Consulting or use by sponsors outside of the academic institution is not allowed with an Academic license.

A single academic license can be used only by one department at an educational institution. Academic versions can be distributed to students and faculty in the educational department that has purchased the license. Students in any department of a college may use EES if two academic licenses are purchased. It is a violation of the license agreement to allow distribution to others. If the program is placed on a web server, access to it must be restricted. A violation will terminate the license agreement.

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