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Sounds Tab (Preferences dialog)



Separate sounds can be specified for five different situations as indicated on the Sounds tab shown above.  Error refers to a user-error as opposed to Unexpected which refers to a situation EES was not prepared to handle.  The different sounds therefore provide some diagnostic capability.  Completed refers to the sound EES will make when the Find/Replace command is completed and when the Beep macro command is engaged.  


The default sound settings are shown above.  Click the play button to the right of each list to play the current sound.  A choice of 16 sounds (including none) can be specified for each sound category by selecting the choice from the drop-down list.  The sound will automatically play when a new sound is chosen.


All of the sound files (except none and beep) are provided with .wav files that are stored in the Sounds folder within the EES directory.  A total of 15 different sounds are provided.  User-selected sound files may be substituted in place of the existing sound files by renaming them n.wav (where n is an integer between 2 and 15) and copying the file into the Sounds folder, thereby replacing the existing sound file.