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Saving and Applying Plot Templates


The Professional version allows plot templates to be saved and applied.  A plot template contains information that affects the visible display of a plot.  The characteristics of an existing plot can be set as desired and then these characteristics can be saved in a .EPT (EES plot template) file.  The characteristics can be transferred to other plots by selecting the .EPT file and applying it. 


The Save Plot and Apply Plot Template buttons are accessed by right-clicking the mouse on the tab at the top of the plot window.  That will bring up the following dialog.  Click the Save Template or Apply Template button to initiate the operation.




The .EPT file is a text file that can be viewed and edited by the user.  The Save Template saves the characteristics for the current file, but these characteristics can be edited with any standard text editor.  Each item in the file is annotated with a comment.  Setting a value in the .EPT file to -99 disables the change in that characteristic.  Open an .EPT file for further explanation.