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$LOAD 'Component Library'


The $LOAD directive was introduced in version 10.245 to allow EES to start more quickly.  EES normally loads all of the files contained in the USERLIB folder at startup, including the Component LibraryHowever, the Component Library is large so loading it slows the startup process and consumes memory.  Starting with version 10.245, the Component Library is not automatically loaded at startup, even though it resides in the UserLib folder.  


EES programs that use the Component Library must include a $LOAD 'Component Library directive', as shown in the following example.  The library is only loaded once and it will remain loaded for the remainder of the EES session.  After it the Component Library is loaded, this directive is ignored.


Note that the Component Library is only available in the Professional version.


$Load 'Component Library'

$UnitSystem SI C kPa kJ mass

$TabStops 0.24 3.5 in


P=Po# "atmospheric pressure"

A_f=0.539 [m^2] "frontal area of wheel"

L=0.203 [m] "depth of wheel in the flow direction"

Porosity=0.85 "porosity of the packing"

D_h=1.72 [mm]*convert(mm,m) "hydraulic diameter of the packing"

Area\Vol=255 [m^2]/(A_f*L) "area/volume of the packing"

eta_fan=0.6 "fan efficiency"

T[0]=-8 [C] "outdoor air (supply) temperature"

RH[0]=0.95 "relative humidity of supply air"

V_dot[0]=2.0 [m^3/s]   "volumetric flow of supply air"

T[2]=24 [C] "temperature of exhaust air"

RH[2]=0.5 "relative humidity of exhaust air"

V_dot[2]=V_dot[0] "volumetric flow rate of exhaust air"

call EnthalpyExchanger1_CL(P,A_f,L,Porosity,D_h,Area\Vol,eta_fan,T[0],RH[0],V_dot[0],T[2],RH[2],V_dot[2]:T[1],T[3],RH[3], Capacity,Power,Q_dot_ph,epsilon,R_c)

omega[0]=humRat(AirH2O,T=T[0],P=P,R=RH[0])   "for plotting on psychrometric chart"

omega[1]=omega[0] "preheat air with no humidity change"

omega[2]=humRat(AirH2O,T=T[2],P=P,R=RH[2]) "humidity ratio of exhaust air"

omega[3]=humRat(AirH2O,T=T[3],P=P,R=RH[3]) "humidity ratio of supply air exiting enthalpy exchanger"



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