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The THERMALDIFFUSIVITY function returns the thermal diffusivity for the specified fluid defined as


alpha = k / (rho*Cp)



k is the thermal conductivity

       rho is the density

Cp is the specific heat


The units of thermal diffusivity are m^2/sec or ft^2/hr depending on whether EES is configured in SI units or English units.




$UnitSystem SI C kPa mass

alpha_1=ThermalDiffusivity(Air,T=100 [C], P=100 [kPa])

alpha_2=ThermalDiffusivity(Steam,T=100 [C],x=0)

alpha_3=ThermalDiffusivity(Dowtherm_A,T=25 [C])



alpha_1=0.00003281 [m^2/s]

alpha_2=1.646E-07 [m^2/s]

alpha_3=8.234E-08 [m^2/s]



Thermophysical Property Functions