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$StopCriteria provides an alternative way to set the stop criteria that control the results of iterative calculations.  The format of the $StopCriteria directive is


$StopCriteria   Iterations=200   Residuals=1e-5   Variables =1e-9   Time=3000


The four parameters correspond to the inputs in the Stop Criteria dialog.  Note that it is not necessary to enter all four parameters and that they can be entered in any order or in separate $StopCriteria directives, e.g.,


$StopCriteria   Iterations=200   

$StopCriteria   Residuals=1e-5   



The $StopCriteria directive is processed when the equations are compiled and the specifications made with the directive will override any previous settings.


Note that abbreviations are accepted:

StopCrit  is accepted for StopCriteria

Iter is accepted for Iterations

Res is accepted for Residuals

Var is accepted for Variables