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$Arrays ON/OFF


Starting with version 8.770, array variables may be displayed in the Arrays table window regardless of whether they appear in the Main program, a function, a procedure, a subprogram or a module.  By default, array variables do not appear show in the Arrays table for functions, procedures, subprogram and modules.  This default behavior can be changed by placing a $Arrays ON directive within the function, procedure, subprogram or module.  In this case, the array variables will appear in a separate tab window of the Arrays table window and they will not appear in the Solution window.  A $Arrays Off directive reverses the behavior so that the array variables appear in the Solution window, but not in the Arrays table window.


The default behavior for array variables in the Main program is controlled by an option in the Preferences dialog.  As shipped, EES is configured to display array variables in the Main program in the Main tab of the Arrays table window, rather than in the Solution window.  This option and other preferences are not saved with a EES program but rather with the user preferences.  In some situations, it may be necessary to change the default behavior.   to This can be done simply with the following directives which are placed in the Main body of the Equations window.


$Arrays On


will ensure that array variables are displayed in the Arrays table window.


$Arrays Off


will place array variables in the Solution window.