Additional Items

These additional items are free for you to download and use. Simply click on the name of the file to download to your local machine. They are all self-extracting or self-installing files. Some files will unzip into PDF files that require Acrobat Reader for viewing. Check back often as new files are routinely added.

File Description
Heat Transfer Library This .exe file installs the EES Heat Transfer library files. This libary should be installed in the USERLIB\heat transfer folder of your existing EES application folder. This library as been developed to accompany Heat Transfer by G.F. Nellis and S.A. Klein, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
EES 6 Lecture Course This .zip file will unzip into 6 folders, each of which provides a lecture on the use of EES. These lectures well written and contributed by Professor Hannes van der Walt at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.
EES Introduction A .wmv webinar (audio and video) file that demonstrates EES to new users using video and sound. This file was prepared by Prof. Greg Nellis, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin. (84 MB).
EES Properties A .wmv webinar (audio and video) file that demonstrates how to use EES to calculate thermodynamic properties for different types of fluids. This webinar should be viewed after the introduction webinar. This file was prepared by Prof. Greg Nellis, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin. (52 MB).
EES Manual (French) EES manual (French) in Adobe PDF format (compressed in a self-extracting archive)
EES Manual (Chinese) Link to a Microsoft Word version of the EES manual in Chinese.
EES Manual (Spanish) EES manual (Spanish) in Adobe PDF format (without figures) (compressed in a self-extracting archive)
Examples in German (Beispiel) Examples in German language
Chemical Equilibrium Library A library routine that calculates the equilibrium composition for an ideal gas C-H-O-N-Ar system.
LiCl and CaCl Functions A library of property information for LiCl-water and CaCl-water mixtures based on equations from Conde-Petit. This library was contributed by Peter Vandermeulen at 7AC Technologies, Inc. Copy the file and place in it the EES\Userlib folder. Help is available through the Function Information command in the Options menu.
Lithium Bromide-Water property library This library was developed by Yuan and Herold (2005) as a part of the Sorption Systems Consortium at the University of Maryland and it is used in the 2nd edition of Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps (2015) by Herold, Radermacher, and Klein.
Example C++ DLLs Example files for preparing EES external functions and procedures in C++.
EES-MATLAB interaction Example files demonstrating how to call EES from MATLAB.
Thermocouple voltage libary (VoltTC) Library file to provide the thermocouple voltage (milliV) for a given type at a given temperature (deg. C) according to NIST ITS-90.
Development of an Equation Solving Program Paper about EES in Computer Applications in Engineering Education